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Microsoft launches ambitious digital skills programme

Microsoft has announced a national skills programme to boost the UK's digital competence.

The programme will provide training in both everyday digital literacy as well as targeted efforts to equip the UK’s public and private sectors with cloud technology skills.

As part of the initiative, 30,000 UK public servants will be trained in a range of digital skills in an attempt to enable the UK government and public sector organisations to deliver better services to the wider UK population.

“We believe a fourth industrial revolution is underway – one driven by the transformative power of cloud technologies,” said Cindy Rose, Microsoft UK CEO. 

“In the wake of the EU referendum vote, the UK is looking at charting a new and different path to its future and Microsoft is committed, as it has been for more than 30 years, to helping the UK realise its full potential.”

Accordingly, the company has committed to offering everyone in the UK free online digital literacy training that will help equip them for the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, who was at Microsoft's HQ to discuss the UK's GDP figures, said: “Our technology industry is fundamental to securing future economic growth and this government is committed to ensuring it continues to thrive. 

“It’s a key part of our Industrial Strategy to back Britain for the long term, creating the conditions where business can flourish, driving growth for the whole nation.”