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MOBILE MARKETING NEWS: Mobile ad spend increases by over 100 per cent

Internet and mobile advertising spend have increased to a six month high of £2.59 billion in the first half of 2012.

The research, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers on behalf of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), revealed video advertising increased 43 per cent to £69.8 million from £49 million. Storming ahead of all other forms of digital advertising was mobile. The growing medium increased by 132 per cent to £181.5 million.

The only specific B2B ad spend statistics were for classifieds. For the first six months of the year spend was increased to £94.4 million compared to £74.8 million for the same time last year.

Speaking about the report, Tim Elkington, director of research & strategy at the Internet Advertising Bureau, said, “There’s still plenty of room for growth. Take mobile; 60 per cent of the UK’s 100 biggest advertisers still don’t have a mobile-optimised website yet, consumers spend almost 70 per cent longer on sites which are. If all advertisers get wise to this, we’re likely to see significant mobile growth for some time yet.”