MOBILE MARKETING NEWS: Mobile advertising set to double

Global mobile advertising traffic is set double this year according to a report by mobile advertising network BuzzCity.

In its Q2 report BuzzCity says it has served three-quarters of its annual traffic from last year within the first half of 2012. The report also revealed which countries were the top mobile advertising markets and which had seen growth, based on ads served by BuzzCity.

India topped the list and had seen a growth of 29 per cent. While the USA and UK both made it into the top 10, they saw a decrease of -9 and -1 per cent respectively.

The mobile media company found that smartphone penetration had reached 47 per cent globally. Saudi Arabia topped the smartphone market with the UK coming second, followed closely by Spain, China and Singapore.

Speaking about BuzzCity’s report, its CEO Dr KF Lai said, “Marketers who engage their users with compelling content beyond conventional mobile advertising norms will be the ones to stand out from the rest of the pack and win out in this growing market opportunity.”

Independent mobile ad network Inmobi has also conducted research on views around mobile advertising, and revealed 66 per cent of respondents are equally or more comfortable with mobile ads than TV or online ads. Fourteen per cent say mobile ads have influenced them to buy via their device and Inmobi predicts over three quarters of mobile web users will be using mcommerce by 2013.

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