MOBILE MARKETING NEWS: XS2TheWorld creates action-filled world for mobiles in a new app

Mobile marketing and application building specialist, XS2TheWorld, has unveiled a new mobile app that places the users at the centre of moving footage. Named 360° Video, it can be used on iPhone 4 and iPad.

Users can look around the environment and interact with elements such as text, images or links by tilting the mobile device they are using. 360° Video that works in a similar way to online 360° images could enable brands to offer new experiences of their products or services.

Commenting on the news, Sander Munsterman, CEO at XS2TheWorld, said, “The development of this technique is a step change in the use of video on mobile devices because it places the user right in the centre of the action. By making the experience dynamic and realistic, we open up many new application possibilities for our clients in the area of brand experience in sectors such as travel, sports and automotive.”

XS2theworld will be working together with video production company Transmission TX to create new mobile video experiences for brands.

Andrew Yardley, technical manager at TTX, said, “Brands have already benefited hugely from being able to create worlds that users can move around in, but until now they’ve been limited to online or real-world platforms. Mobile will create a more personal experience because the user will have complete control over how they experience that world. On a device such as the iPad, that’s a very powerful experience.”