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MOBILE NEWS: Barclays launches cardless payments

Barclays has launched a new feature that will allow large businesses to pay individuals using their mobile phone numbers via its mobile app, Barclays Pingit.

Businesses can now send payments using an individual’s mobile phone number instead of using banking or card details. The feature can be used within the banks’ existing File Gateway channel to quickly, easily and securely send electronic payments directly into an individual’s Barclays Pingit account, open to both Barclays and non-Barclays customers.

Barclays is the first bank in the UK to offer this service, which creates an optimised customer experience by providing immediate payment, SMS notifications and in-app access to transactions.

Payments can reach any UK mobile phone number. Non-registered users will be notified by text message with details of how to register to receive payment.

Mike Walters, head of UK corporate payments at Barclays, said: “Consumers today want quick and convenient ways to receive value. Mobile payment provides a fast and secure way to do this without the need for consumers to disclose their account number.
“For businesses it is becoming increasingly important to consider the use of mobile payments as part of their overall business strategy, reducing costly cheque use and improving the experience for their customers.”

Image courtesy of Barclays