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MOBILE NEWS: Internet of things will ‘transform our lives’

The ‘internet of things’ is already here and we should expect it will ‘transform our personal lives and augment key industries,’ according to Olaf Swantee, CEO at EE.

In a blog posted on LinkedIn, the mobile network's chief executive explains how he sees IPv6, 4G and cloud technologies turning the internet from being something accessed via a screen to being something that exists as a connection between machines of all shapes and sizes.

Citing examples as diverse as cows fitted with health sensors, Nike’s fitness technology and beer monitoring equipment at Oktoberfest events, Swantee presents an interesting interpretation of the near future that may once have resembled a sci-fi story.

He said, “While I’m pleased to say that I don’t expect to see a Blade Runner-style future of man versus machine, I do think that the way connectivity and technology will advance over the coming years will enable us to become more efficient, more effective and will allow us to spend more time focusing on the important things in life – our friends, families, work and leisure time.” 

Swantee is not alone in his beliefs. A similar message was at the heart of a recent Cisco video campain.

The blog is part of LinkedIn’s new ‘thought leaders’ feature, highlighting the accounts and opinions of leading industry figures.