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MOBILE NEWS: O2 partners with Evernote

O2 and Evernote have announced a strategic partnership to provide one-year Evernote Premium accounts to all O2 business customers in the UK, allowing them to better organise and share notes on the move.

In the first partnership of its kind for Evernote in the UK, O2 business customers will be able to store their ideas, better organise their digital footprint and share information using the Evernote Premium app.

Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, commented on the news: “In businesses today work is happening in different locations, at all hours and across all types of devices, desktop to mobile. Evernote helps teams tie it all together with instant and secure sharing and super intelligent search. Our partnership with O2 is allowing us to offer the Evernote Premium service to millions of new business customers throughout the UK and we’re confident they’ll find it incredibly valuable.”

Meanwhile, Jim Cregan, owner of Jimmy's Iced Coffee, said: "I use Evernote in every aspect of my business to help it run more efficiently. I am always researching my industry online, so the Web Clipper feature is invaluable, I also geo-tag for the location of shops I want to go back and pitch to at a later date. Being able to take a photo of a white board full of ideas from a meeting and then search through them later at a later date is really helpful.

"I'm usually really scatty, so having all my notes and scribbles in one place and being able to search through them easily using tags makes me a lot more efficient and saves me heaps of time."