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MOBILE NEWS: Vodafone offer brands 4G makeover

Vodafone has announced a new B2B campaign offering SMEs with up to nine employees the opportunity to win a major communications makeover.

Following the launch of the network’s 4G network, Vodafone is asking UK SMEs to upload a photo with the caption: ‘what does sharing mean to your business?’ In return the brand are offering winners handsets, 4G businesses contracts and business exposure. For example, the winners experiences will be featured in national ad campaigns, mentioned across social media, in store promotion in addition to having their story told in a ‘day in the life’ feature and video which will detail how 4G is transforming their business. 

Jonathan Kini, enterprise commercial marketing director, said: Ultrafast 4G represents a step-change for small businesses. They can now get online from anywhere, at any time and do the things they could only previously do at their desks – whether that’s HD videoconferencing, downloading a presentation, or running software in the cloud."

Flexible working start-up, Neardesk has been feature in the pilot ‘day in the life’ video, its CEO, Tom Ball commented on the experience: “Being constantly connected is so important to our business. Having 4G means we no longer have to worry about being at our desks or finding a good wi-fi connection. We can now have an at-our-desk experience wherever we happen to be – and that has done wonders for our productivity and efficiency levels.”