More than 60% of businesses missing out on sales due to inefficient martech

A global survey of 1440 CIOs, CTOs and CMOs reveal that 95% of organisations say their customer experience is in critical need of improvement.

The study, conducted by Avanade, shows more than 60% of marketing respondents believe they are missing out on significant revenue and sales opportunities due to their organisation’s marketing technology.

The report showed that most companies find it difficult to achieve good martech, with 60% of respondents saying their organisations weren’t very mature when it comes to understanding experience, personalisation, and data analytics. Companies also struggle to deliver a consistent customer experience due to problems with martech.

Lack of collaboration

More than half of respondents say their martech stack is not user-friendly, and even more IT respondents say marketing employees do not receive the necessary martech training.

Another key finding from the report was the majority of respondents cited a lack of collaboration across CMO, CIO and CDOs to deliver great customer experience.

Stella Goulet, CMO at Avanade, said: “Great customer experience can deliver three times the ROI to a business, but companies need to invest and optimise their marketing technology to achieve this. Identifying trusted partners is critical to building strong customer connections.”

How to ensure consistent brand experience

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How to ensure consistent brand experience