NEWS: 6.3% of marketing budget spent on training

On average 6.3 per cent of an organisation’s marketing budget is spent on training, according to B2B Marketing’s new Professional Development Benchmarking Report 2014.

Meanwhile, some 47 per cent of B2B marketers surveyed said the most importance outcome of training was ‘actionable insight’. Thirty-three per cent said the most important outcome was ‘demonstrable improvement in performanc,' while just four per cent said qualifications were the important outcome.

Alex Aspinall, head of content, commented on the findings: “Of course, what an individual may wish to get out of a training investment is likely to reach slightly beyond the specific job in hand, or even the year’s objectives.

"Key to professional development and career advancement in almost any industry is building a history of achievements, experiences and skills, and it’s fair to say that training, be it formalised or more ad hoc, is well positioned to contribute towards this objective, as well as helping marketers get their next campaign delivered more effectively than the previous one.”

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