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NEWS: 64% of UK emails opened on iPhone or iPad

Almost half (46 per cent) of UK emails are opened on iPhone and 18 per cent on iPad, according to new research by SendGrid.

The data collected over two 10-day periods in 2013 and 2014 and spanning more than eight billion emails sent by over 125,000 companies, reveals that individuals in Spain, Germany and France as also using the iPhone for their email communications. The year-on-year increase in email opened on iPhone is 97 per cent in Spain, 92 per cent in Germany and 85 per cent in France.

Tablet usage for opening email is growing fastest in Belgium (up 87 per cent since 2013), Germany (+85 per cent) and the Netherlands (+80 per cent). 

Android usage for email in the UK dropped by 31 per cent in the past year. However, there were significant year-on-year increases in email opened on Android in Belgium (+89 per cent), France (+65 per cent) and Turkey (+54 per cent).

 Jim Franklin, CEO of SendGrid, commented: In the 32 years since the invention of email, Europeans have taken to a broad array of devices and operating systems to receive and send email. Now, mobile is dominant, but it’s interesting to see the varying rates of adoption of different devices across Europe.”