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NEWS: 78% of UK businesses are experiencing digital disruption

Seventy-eight per cent of UK businesses are experiencing digital disruption, with 82 per cent of respondents claiming it has changed their job role,  according to new research conducted by Nimbus Ninety.

As a result of the disruption the survey respondents believe the fastest growing disruptive technologies are smart materials, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

The three most disruptive technologies that are having the biggest influence on the way organisations operate, are mobile technology (listed by 70 per cent), social media (65 per cent) and cloud computing (64 per cent).

However, as digital disruption and innovation are quickly evolving, the majority of respondents believe that in three years’ time different technologies will be lead the way. Fifty per cent of respondents said ‘big data analytics’ will lead the way, 37 per cent said ‘internet of things’ and 35 per cent ‘dynamic visualisation’.

Caroline Boyd, director of strategy and research, commented on the findings:  “While the terminology used to describe digital disruption appears ominous, this recent survey provides evidence to the contrary.

“With tech businesses and media platforms evolving so quickly, it’s hard for businesses to keep up, but many organisations are treating this not as an obstacle to overcome, but as an opportunity to innovate. The results of our recent survey reveal just that - businesses realising the value proposition of technology and in particular, disruptive technology.”