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NEWS: 86% of marketers worried about producing the right content

The most common worry facing B2B marketers is providing their audience with the right content, according to a survey by Theory Global.

When asked how worried they were about producing ‘the right content’ almost 20 per cent of respondents stated they were ‘very worried’ while 86 per cent were ‘somewhat worried’.

The study suggests companies should focus on content strategy, as they often produce too much content, with 75 per cent going to waste.

Respondents were also concerned about resources and budget (82 per cent), creating an integrated strategy and measuring success (78 per cent).

The research was carried out with the aim of better understanding the challenges and worries marketers encounter on a daily basis.

At the other end of the spectrum, respondents were least worried about innovation and creativity, globalisation/localistation and sales alignment and enablement.

Theory Global said: “Our goal was to further understand the key trends across Europe and explore what marketers are worried about today, from content, data, skills to resources.

“2014 was undoubtedly the year of content marketing, with budgets for content creation doubling year on year. Getting the basics right (profiles, buyer’s journeys and engagement plans) is the best way to build and focus on a content strategy.”