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NEWS: Apple devices experience fall in email open rates

Email open rates on Apple devices have stagnated while Android is on the rise, according to research by SendGrid.

Opens and clicks on iPhones still account for nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of UK usage this year, but have dropped by eight per cent from 2014.

Across Europe there was an average growth of one per cent in email clicks on iPhones and iPads, with dramatic decreases occurring in Latvia and Greece (49 per cent each) and the Czech Republic (52 per cent).

Email opens on iPads have suffered overall across the EU, with a 15 per cent drop indicating its popularity is waning.

In contrast, Android devices have enjoyed significant growth, with email opens rising an average of 68 per cent across Europe and the UK experiencing a surge of 23 per cent.

The UK also saw considerable growth on BlackBerry devices, with a 71 per cent year-on-year growth, one of the highest in the EU.

Aaron Beach, senior data scientist at DataGrid, commented: “Since the very first corporate email was sent a little over 33 years ago this week, we've seen it become the ‘de facto’ business communications tool of the modern era, more recently consisting mainly of mobile-based communications. Email has now become the dominant platform for sending and receiving corporate email. Our data indicates that tablet usage just hasn't taken off in the same meaningful way.

“However, while Apple devices remain the most popular business communications platform, we've seen Android steadily catch up in our year-on-year data for all device platform clicks. Apple will have some work to do to maintain its dominant position.”