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NEWS: Apple rivals WhatsApp & Dropbox

Apple has announced a series of software upgrades that reflect WhatsApp and Dropbox’s current app offerings.

At its annual conference for software developers, the tech giant announced a new internet storage app, iCloud Drive, and revealed new features for its iMessage app.

iCloud Drive allows users to save any type of file on the Apple’s remote servers. User can then access it via an iOS device, Mac or Windows PC.

Users do not have to pay an extra fee unless they use more than 5GB of storage – 2.5GB extra than Dropbox's 2GB allowance.

Plus, the service includes the ability to email attachments of up to 5GB, similar to Dropbox’s offering.  

The company did not confirm if iCloud Drive would vbe accessible via Android.

Meanwhile, new features for iMessage were unveiled.

Users will be able to create group messages, send voice clips and create and exchange short video clips, similar to WhatsApps' capabilities.