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NEWS: B2B marketers focusing on social reach, not engagement

B2B marketers are dedicating the majority of time spent on social media to reach despite their principal objective being engagement, a recent report from B2B Marketing has revealed.

On average, 71 per cent of time dedicated to social media is spent broadcasting brand content, while 16 per cent of time is spent interacting with followers, and even less on direct conversations (13 per cent).

However, when asked ‘which of the following do you pay most attention to when measuring social media success?’ the majority (58 per cent) said it was through interactions. This was closely followed by web visits (56 per cent) and downloads of content (42 per cent).

Jessica McGreal, digital content manager at B2B Marketing and author of the report, commented: “It’s clear B2B marketers understand the importance of social media engagement, but are not putting their knowledge into practice.

“These contradictory answers are at first confusing, but may be explained by marketers basically sticking to what they are comfortable with: status updates to promote content and drive traffic.”