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NEWS: B2B marketers ignoring analytics

While over half (55 per cent) of B2B organisations utilise data analytics, only 22 per cent of marketers believe it plays a ‘critical’ role when creating effective content campaigns, according to a new study carried out by B2B Marketing.

The survey revealed that only 54 per cent of B2B brands use web analytics, 31 per cent social analytics, 27 per cent marketing automation software and 25 per cent CRM. 

However, marketers are not making enough use of the marketing technologies available.

For example, of the 27 per cent utilising marketing automation platforms, four per cent make ‘little or no use’ of the features, 57 per cent make ‘some use’ of the features, and only 17 per cent said they make ‘full use’ of the software. 

Without monitoring, analysing and reporting on content campaigns sophistication issues will remain.

Thirty-seven per cent of marketers listed ‘engaging target audience’ as their number one challenge, followed by ‘measuring ROI’ (34 per cent) and ‘generating leads’ (29 per cent). All of these issues could be overcome with the proper use of analytics.

Steve Kemish, MD of Cyance, commented on the findings: “Analytics are absolutely key. Without them you are running in the dark.

“The challenge is often getting started and a lack of knowledge or experience on how to use analytics, but by trying to either segment your content by persona or stage in the funnel/sales process, and monitoring views and shares would be a start.”