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NEWS: B2B marketers struggling to personalise content

B2B marketers are struggling to personalise their content marketing campaigns, a new report by B2B Marketing has revealed.

Fifty-six per cent of the 122 B2B marketers surveyed admitted that they do not tailor content based on the buyers' journey, while just 16 per cent are able to identify individual profiles and serve them content based on their specific position.

Additionally, only 15 per cent of respondents said they could personalise content based on prospect behaviour ‘more than half the time’.

It’s vital marketers begin to implement further personalisation to ensure their content resonates with potential prospects, and ultimately drives sales.

Alex Aspinall, head of content at B2B Marketing, commented on the findings: “It’s important your prospects can easily find your content. You really have to be reactive to their requirements in this area.

“However, it’s also important to interrogate returns. Some channels are bound to work better for certain types of content than others. Anyone eager to see those returns improving is also well advised to increase their brand’s personalisation and content tailoring sophistication. Finely tuned messages always deliver better results than mass-market comms.”