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NEWS: B2B video successful

Eighty-two per cent of marketers regard their previous experiences with video marketing successful, new research by B2B Marketing and ITN Productions has revealed.

Twenty-four per cent of marketers said their previous use of video was ‘very successful’, while 58 per cent said it was ‘successful’.

Only four per cent of those surveyed said their use of video marketing has been ‘unsuccessful’, while 14 per cent said they didn’t know.

Simon Baker, head of corporate and creative video, ITN Productions said: "The results of the research make a really exciting case for the use of video in B2B marketing, which leads us believe marketers are on the verge of trying new ideas and maximising the budget allocated to video content.

"Marketers have a really positive experience of using video content, with 82 per cent of those who have used it in the past saying it has been successful."