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NEWS: B2B video top for audience engagement

The top objective for B2B video is ‘audience engagement’, according to new research by B2B Marketing and ITN Productions.

This is followed by ‘brand building’, ‘lead generation’, ‘lead nurturing’ and finally 'SEO'.

Meanwhile, the research revealed the top B2B metrics used by marketers is still 'views'. This is followed by ‘leads generated’, ‘click-through rate’, ‘brand awareness’ and ‘shares’.

Alex Aspinall, head of content at B2B Marketing, commented on the findings: "By taking a broad view of our research, it’s possible to see a very bright future for B2B video. The market is clearly very eager to start producing the kind of high quality video content usually reserved for consumer campaigns. B2B marketers also seem to have a very strong understanding of what video can offer their brands and their target audiences. 

"But in order to start reaping the anticipated rewards, work still has to be done in terms of developing the requisite skills and experience to deliver high quality commercial video content. It’s important marketers supplement skills areas in which they are confident – brand understanding, strategy and content creation – with video-specific knowledge to really make the difference."