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NEWS: Brother UK launches 2015 ‘Next time label it’ campaign

Electronics manufacturer Brother UK has launched ‘Next time label it’, a 2015 marketing campaign designed to encourage the sales of its P-touch labelling device.

The creative includes interactive videos that sit on the brand’s campaign site. One film sees an office worker crawling under a desk to plug her phone in to charge. When she is met with an already full extension cable, the viewer is asked: ‘Choose which plug to pull out but be careful’. Whatever plug is chosen, the decision results in commic office chaos. The films end with the reminder: ‘Next time label it’.

Produced by Code Computerlove, the films will run across 27 European countries.

Sally Anderson, account director at Code Computerlove, said: “The scenario we filmed was because we’ve all been there – scrabbling around under desks trying to figure out which plugs operate what devices or faced by hi-tech systems not knowing what to press and avoid. It’s an issue common to all countries and all size of business. 

“By highlighting what can go wrong in the workplace we hope to encourage the best practice of labelling things.”

This activity follows the company's 2014 activity which featured a series of funny mishaps that result from mislabelled items at a circus.