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NEWS: Business data at risk

Ten million mobile devices (including smartphones, tablets and laptops holding sensitive business data) have been lost over the last year putting many businesses at risk, according to research by EE.

One in five (19 per cent) employees say they lost their mobile device on a work night out, while one in six (16 per cent) left it on public transport.

In response to these findings, EE has unveiled its new Super Secure 4GEE portfolio for business and announces a strategic partnership with MobileIron.

EE’s Super Secure 4GEE portfolio provides businesses of all sizes with the tools to securely manage access to:

  • Company data, including emails, presentations and databases.
  • Business applications, such as SAP, Microsoft Office, Salesforce and LinkedIn.
  • Content on any mobile device across all major operating systems.

Gerry McQuade, CEO for business at EE, said: “More often than not, employees will use their personal mobile device to access company emails, documents or presentations, unaware that they may be putting sensitive data at risk. What’s important is that business data is secure, whether accessed from a company-owned device or not.

“With the arrival of 4G, businesses of all sizes now have an opportunity to become genuinely mobile by giving their employees secure access to company information and business applications regardless of the device they’re using and the operating system the device is running.”

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