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NEWS: Business leaders believe mobile is key to success

A whopping 94 per cent of marketing leaders believe mobile will be key for future success, an increase of 80 per cent since 2012, according to IBM's new Stepping up to the challenge: How CMOs can start to close the aspirational gap study.

The new report, based on face-to-face conversations with over 500 CMOs from 56 countries and 19 industries worldwide, also reveals 94 per cent of CMOs believe advanced analytics will play a significant role in helping them reach their goals. However, an increased number of CMOs say their organisations are underprepared to capitalise on the data explosion – 82 per cent compared to 71 per cent three years ago.

The study shows CMOs' level of strategic involvement in their organisations is increasing. Sixty-three per cent of CEOs involve the CMO in formulating the organisation’s overall business strategy, second only to the CFO (72 per cent).

However, 66 per cent of CMOs feel underprepared for the growth of social media, which is evolving at a pace faster than many can cope with.

John Kennedy, vice president, marketing, global business Services at IBM, commented on the findings: “After speaking with CMOs around the world, it became evident that more companies across all industries are striving to integrate their physical and digital presence in order to provide a more integrated, seamless customer experience. 

"In response, we launched the new IBM Interactive Experience to help CMOs and other C-suite leaders design and build rich, data-enabled experiences for their customers and stakeholders.”