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NEWS: Camira showcases brand story in new film

Premium corporate fabrics company Camira has released a new film with the aim of ‘bringing the brand to life’.

Put together by creative agency Good the video showcases Camira’s brand story and ‘Style and substance’ ethos. The creative features some of its well-known clients, including the London Underground and BBC MediaCity, as well as its employees from designers to apprentices outlining what Camira means to them.

The versatile film will be used as a sales tool to help with attracting investment.

Ian Burn, director of marketing at Camira, said: “This is a first for Camira. We’ve been making some changes in the way we approach branding and marketing and adopting a modern, consumer-style approach to help us stand out from the rest of the business fabrics market.

“We believe in great design in our work, and we wanted our branding to reflect this. The final film looks very little like a standard corporate brand film – it is beautifully shot and produced, perfectly reflecting the colour and design inherent in our day-to-day work. Good has been invaluable in helping us to develop the way we speak to the world.”