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NEWS: CMOs growing focus on data

CMOs plan to prioritise data in 2014, according to a new CMO Report published by Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Deloitte.

The research revealed 52 per cent of CMOs have an increased need for data and analytics personnel. However, 32 per cent feel they aren’t prepared to fulfill this need. Sixty-one per cent say that data acquisition is one of their top marketing priorities for 2014 and 34 per cent plan to use data management and segmentation, but don’t currently use it.

Meanwhile, the research also revealed 38 per cent of CMOs perceive an increased role in customer service, yet 23 per cent do not feel adequately prepared to address that greater role.

Plus, 59 per cent of CMOs named flexible and agile marketing processes as a top internal marketing priority, and 50 per cent said they plan to implement personalisation strategies.

Michael Lazerow, CMO at Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, said: “CMOs know they must adjust quickly—and redefine their own roles independently, because expectations continue to climb and no CMO role is the same.

"If technology inherently disrupts, then that’s exponentially true in digital marketing. CMOs must innovate and accelerate, providing answers to changing consumer demands, increased technology needs, and marketing talent challenges.”