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NEWS: Content marketing failing to connect with ROI

Businesses are failing to prove content marketing is providing a solid ROI, according to a recent study by idio.

The content intelligence platform suggests digital marketers are struggling to cohesively integrate content marketing and sales strategy.

The qualitative survey posed the question ‘What is your biggest digital marketing pain point?’ – with many respondents citing lack of understanding between content and ROI as the main challenge.

Other stumbling blocks included keeping up technology updates, understanding buyer demand and tracking the latest digital marketing trends.

This is supported by a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, revealing 72 per cent of UK marketers believe they are failing to connect ROI to their content marketing strategy.

Rob LaGesse, VP of social strategy at Rackspace, who took part in the idio study, said: “The truth is that I just don't know how to measure what we do (in content marketing). I can pay some vendors and get the numbers I ask for, numbers they think please me so I keep buying from them. Numbers that the bosses might like. But it is hard to really get numbers that are trustworthy and actionable - and that concerns me.”