News: Cyance announces three accredited partners in Modern, Clarify and Gilroy

Intent data specialist, Cyance, has announced three B2B partners as accredited partners - Modern, Clarify and Gilroy, who have become Cyance’s first Platinum Accredited Partner.

Cyance has three levels of partner accreditation, which are awarded where a full platform deployment has been delivered within either a demand generation or account-based marketing programme. Since deploying Cyance, each partner has delivered significant ROI for their clients, in terms of engagement, leads and new business. 

As Cyance’s first platinum accredited partner, Gilroy used Cyance intent data to fuel its ABM campaigns. With Cyance, Gilroy has achieved 420 SQLs within four weeks, a 4x uplift in engagement on an ABM programme, and a £70m pipeline for one account through 1:1 ABM.

For Clarify, Cyance is a key component of its unique intelligence stack, underpinning its sales talent and  marketing services. Clarify has seen a 11.3x ROI, 3x more leads than non-intent driven campaigns, and a CPL reduction of more than 50%.

Modern uses Cyance intent data to cluster accounts and content around customised keywords to determine the exact buyer stage of an account and subsequently target markets which have a high propensity for their clients’ services. Modern has also delivered incredible results for its clients, including campaigns which have achieved 8.6x ROI, and 4x increase in average deal size compared with non intent deals.

Just this past month, Cyance has announced a new round of additional funding from investors including Blackfinch Ventures and Nexus Investments, in the amount of £860,000.

Jon Clarke, founder, chief product officer of Cyance, said: "Our partners are an incredibly important part of our business. Their ability to build sophisticated account-based programmes by leveraging data and technology to develop a deep understanding of accounts and create highly targeted and relevant engagement is very advanced. Furthermore, Cyance's leading European intent platform gives partners the best insights for accounts across this territory, which means they are able to identify buyer behaviour that other platforms simply cannot see. As a result, the ROI from account-based strategies that incorporate European buyers is very high".

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