News: Demandbase automates campaign experiences with

Marketing technology Demandbase has automated campaign experiences with to qualify and nurture customers. enables automators in any business role to build enterprise-class integrations and automation themselves in a low code environment. The Tray Platform’s flexibility and ease-of-use help Demandbase encourage marketers to complete its series of industry-leading online ABM certification courses

Demandbase has already observed that customers that complete its training have 2.6x higher customer lifetime value and are 12% more likely to renew. Using the Tray Platform to automatically track and engage with customers across their journey has resulted in a 38% increase in certification completions. 

John Dering, senior director of ABM technology and strategy at Demandbase said: “The Tray Platform hits the sweet spot of enterprise-grade functionality and ease-of-use. Demandbase used the Tray Platform to bridge the gap between high-value customers and the means to engage them. Eventually, beginners become experts, and the better educated our customers are on effective ABM strategies, the easier it is to help them using Demandbase. Investing in our educational programme is ultimately an investment in our bottom line, so we want to empower as many marketers as possible to become certified.”

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