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NEWS: Difficultly proving ROI main social challenge

Difficultly proving ROI remains the top social challenge according to 50 per cent of marketers surveyed by B2B Marketing.

This is followed by lack of time (33 per cent), lack of strategic planning (32 per cent) and lack of understanding of social media (21 per cent).

Meanwhile, 13 per cent of marketers said lack of budget was a top challenge and only three per cent said they faced no challenges when it came to social.

Alex Aspinall, head of content at B2B Marketing, commented on the findings: “When asked to report directly on the top two challenges respondents face when it comes to their social media activity, 50 per cent flagged a common foe: difficulty in proving ROI. Though the B2B world is regularly regarded as being overly obsessed with breaking down all activity into ratios and ROI calculations, that so many B2B marketers are now seeking to quantify the contributions of their social media efforts once again signifies a commitment to facilitating wider business success rather than isolated marketing achievement.”