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NEWS: Digital ads failing

Digital promotions are failing, with up to one in three ‘Generation C’ customers considering advertising one of the biggest annoyances online, according to a new report by infoMENTUM.

The report defines ‘Generation C’ as both consumers and corporate employees. However, unlike other generations, this term does not describe a physical age bracket, but rather a ‘psychographic group’. As digital natives this group is always connected, communicating, and have clear expectations from technology.

The report reveals 30 per cent of Gen C is highly frustrated by online advertising. A further 83.5 per cent listed internet advertising techniques, such as pop ups and auto-playing videos in their top five annoyances online.

Meanwhile, the research showed 86 per cent of respondents regularly use social media sites, however, only 1.5 per cent of those surveyed listed a lack of social media integration as a source of frustration. Plus, only 12 per cent of respondents considered integrated social feeds to be an important part of corporate websites.

Vikram Setia, co-founder of infoMENTUM, commented on the findings: “'Generation C' is an influential and creative group of people who can be a great asset to any marketing initiative. However, until marketers learn to ditch the out-dated one-way communication methods of the past they will never succeed in building an effective relationship with their Gen C customers. The internet is a place for connectivity and community, not hard sales tactics.”