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NEWS: ‘Double number of men than women working in digital’

Nearly twice as many men than women work in the digital sector, the Women in Digital report by The Candidate has revealed.

The study looked at 150 digital businesses in the North of England and showed that 65 per cent of employees were male and just 35 per cent female.

The research also highlighted a severe lack of females in digital management positions, with 156 per cent more males in these jobs. This figure becomes higher at management level, with just 18 out of the 150 businesses headed by females.

Meanwhile, the research found that ‘soft skill’ jobs were favoured by women. The top three female roles were in marketing and social media (with 27 per cent working in this space), followed by public relations and communications (18 per cent) and account management (14 per cent). On the other hand, more technical roles such as SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) were taken by men. 

Brian Matthews, managing partner at The Candidate, said: “We know there is a lack of professionals with digital skills, especially in the North, but we wanted to find out whether a gender gap might be a contributing factor. What we discovered in our findings is that we could potentially be alienating women, and discouraging them from taking up a career in digital – thus missing out on a big proportion of talent.