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NEWS: Dragon’s Den winners Swing Patrol launch first B2B campaign

Swing Patrol UK, the community of dancers who won investment from Deborah Maeden in the latest series of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den, has launched its first marketing campaign targeting businesses.

The activity aims to promote its corporate entertainment services, sponsorship opportunities and vintage-themed company Christmas parties.

This will be the first time the dance company will invest in developing their B2B offering, with a core focus on building their communities on LinkedIn. Its teachers and support team are receiving LinkedIn training to build their individual profiles and increase interactions on the platform. This group of LinkedIn users will then devise a social strategy for this platform with the aim of identifying relevant contributions to share with connections and groups. At the same time the brand will be investing in three LinkedIn Ad campaigns.

Meanwhile, the brand are working with Parker, Wayne & Kent Public Relations to target B2B media outlets with press releases, interviews and encouraging journalists to experience the evening.

Leaflets will also be dropped to local businesses in the areas surrounding Swing Patrol’s 35 venues, while email marketing will be used to target corporations.

Scott Cupit, founder of Swing Patrol, said: “On Dragons’ Den, three of the investors made offers to get involved with Swing Patrol. Business people like what Swing Patrol does, so it makes sense to make more of them aware of the corporate entertainment and sponsorship opportunities we provide.

"The combination of using social media, email marketing, our network of teachers and focused media relations will help to convey our offerings to other businesses quickly. The focus on professionals in the run-up to Christmas has the added benefit of encouraging people to try swing dancing prior to making a New Year’s resolution. This will have a positive impact on participation with our regular lessons in 2015.”

Photo via Eric Bobrie