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NEWS: Empty rooms costing UK marketing and advertising brands 'fortune'

The UK is the most expensive place in the world to invest in commercial property, with a high percentage of desks in the marketing and advertising sector going unused for up to half of the day, according to global research by Condeco Software.

These findings underscore the growing trend of remote working and increasing flexibility with employees having more choices than ever as to how and where they work.

Meanwhile, the study showed that 20 per cent of the meeting rooms that are booked were not used at any time.

Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco, commented on the findings: “With the economy starting to emerge out of recession, the cost of commercial real estate is forecast to continue to spiral and businesses will still haemorrhage money unless they have access to the facts about how efficient their office space usage actually is.

"A lack of visibility when it comes to meeting room booking not only impacts on a company’s finances, but also on the daily schedule of fellow workers with external meeting spaces being booked blindly offsite. Bookings go unused as people do not turn up or forget to cancel their actual meeting room at the same time they cancel their meeting, all of which results in wasted space for the company.”