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NEWS: everreach creates greeting cards for SMEs

Virtual phone service everreach has collaborated with cartoonist Neil Kerber to offer a new range of greeting cards aimed at SMEs and start-ups.

The cards feature a range of humorous scenes, including a tradesman setting up as a sole trader and the launch of a start-up technology firm. A ‘good luck with your new business’ message is printed inside.

The special edition cards include a gift subscription of the everreach service for start-ups.

Tony Joseph, digital product marketing director at everreach, said: "Sole traders, micro and small businesses are vital for the economy accounting for almost a fifth of the country’s £3,280 billion private sector turnover; but up until now there hasn’t been a good luck card to mark the start-up occasion. We’re hoping this new range of cards specifically for small businesses will plug that gap and enable people to show support for intrepid entrepreneurs."