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NEWS: Facebook announces new video tools for publishers

Facebook has announced new video tools for publishers, allowing Page owners more control over video content distribution. This is the latest video update as the social media attempts to take on YouTube as the go-to video publishing platform.

The tools include enhancements to the social media network’s video upload system and a new Video Library.

The upload process has been redesigned with added features and new distribution options, including ‘secret videos’ which allows Page owners to upload videos that are not searchable and only accessible via a direct URL.

The update also sees the network enhance the control and customisation features. Control-wise publishers can now restrict audience of a video by age and gender, set an expiration date and allow or prohibit third-party sites embedding video content. New customisation tools include, adding customer thumbnails and labelling videos based on interest categories.

Meanwhile, Facebook has launched a Video Library to make it easier for Page owners to update and organise their videos. The library will be available under the ‘Publishing Tools’ tab and will allow users to make changes to individual videos or in bulk. The new feature allows publishers to edit a video’s metadata after upload, manage distribution options and search and filter videos.

The new video tools will be available globally over the next few weeks.

Images via Facebook