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NEWS: Facebook introduces 'missed call' ads for feature phones

Facebook has announced an abundance of new features to allow advertisers to target users in high-growth countries on feature phones.

This includes ‘missed call ads’ for the Indian market. These ads will allow users to request content, such as cricket scores, music or celebrity news, by clicking on a mobile advertisment and placing a missed call to the company. This way people can recieve branded content without using airtime or data. At the moment the company are testing these types of ads in specific regions and plan to roll them out to the whole country in the near future.

The company is also introducing life-stage targeting and geo-targeting, allowing brands to personalise their campaigns. The social network has also partnered with Nielsen to serve polls to users on feature phones, allowing companies to measure brand sentiment, purchase intent and ad recall.

The social network also revealed 66 per cent of people in India access Facebook on a feature phone, 71 per cent in Indonesia and 68 per cent in South Africa – these new tools will allow brands to connect with this previously unreachable audience.

Kelly MacLean, Facebook's business lead for emerging markets, said in a blog post: ‘Businesses in high-growth countries need customised solutions to connect with people, and to help meet this need we’re rethinking how we develop and implement products and services. We look forward to sharing more about this work in the future.’

Image via Facebook