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NEWS: Facebook offers advertisers bandwidth targeting

Facebook has launched a bandwidth-targeting tool for advertisers across the globe.

The new feature allows advertisers to target users by mobile network type, ensuring brands optmise their creative so it will be able to run on any given device and connection speed.

This data also allows advertisers to create more compelling localised campaigns.

This tool extends the social network’s ad offering – it already lets companies reach people based on the type of device they use, model and operating system. 

Brendan Sullivan, product marketing manager at Facebook, said: “With all targeting options we offer, this feature was built with privacy in mind. All data is anonymous; audiences for mobile network targeting are developed by aggregating groups of people based on primary connection-type.

“People want fast, efficient experiences on their phones. Our hope is that mobile network targeting can improve the experience people have with Facebook ads by helping advertisers deliver the right experience while respecting people's device bandwidth and data costs.”