NEWS: Forrester Research to focus on B2B marketing

Forrester Research is putting more emphasis on B2B marketing.

The research company launched ‘B2B Marketing’, a part of the business dedicated to providing research and advice on ‘the sharp end of B2B marketing’ at the beginning of April.

Heading up the team of 10 analysts is Peter O’Neill, VP, research director at Forrester Research. Speaking to B2B Marketing at the company’s European marketing forum, he said next year both the US and European marketing forum events will have a dedicated B2B stream.

Speaking about why this was the right move for Forrester now, O’Neill said: “We see a sense of urgency and wanted to do something particularly to help B2B marketers. For a company to be successful in the age of the customer, the role of marketing, especially in B2B, has to become more strategic.”

Research from Forrester is usually US-centric and when asked if the brand’s new B2B section will follow suit, O’Neill said: “Forrester generally will expand its European-based research.”