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NEWS: Fresh Skies uses humour to raise awareness of email security

Email security company Fresh Skies has launched a UK campaign using humour to raise awareness of the risks in sending confidential information over email. 

Created by agency Advokator, the activity is aimed at solicitors and barristers. An email string between the Partners of fictitious firm, Barton Barton Barton & Barton, were sent to legal firms across the UK. The emails dramatise the sort of mishap that can occur when proper email security is not used.  

This email marketing campaign will be supported by a series of top tip videos that depict unfortunate scenarios where a bumbling Barton must brief his barrister about yet another breach in email security.  

The scenarios include forwarding work emails to personal email accounts, using the autocomplete address function resulting in emails going to the wrong person, the myth surrounding confidentiality disclaimers, and reasonable care.

The brand hopes the trials and tribulations of the fictional company will provide legal professionals with some entertaining but important information to keep them from going before a judge.  

Simon Freeman, CEO of Fresh Skies, said: “Email security is a very serious issue.  So serious that most companies don’t want to think about it until it is too late.

“We see a lot of legal firms satisfy themselves in terms of email security by ‘acting as responsibly as others’ or worse, by simply adding a disclaimer to emails.  When they find out how easy email encryption is, today, then firms move quickly to secure their email.”