NEWS: Geography doesn't dictate language preference, says study

Forty-six per cent of millennials are more likely to make a purchase if product or service information is in their preferred language, according to a new study released by SDL.

The research revealed that 32 per cent of individuals aged 18 to 36 living in English speaking countries prefer a language other than English, and 46 per cent are more likely to purchase if information is presented in this language.  

One in two respondents in Germany, the Netherlands and Norway speak a language other than the local language in their household. While, one in three respondents in the UK and Australia speak a language other than English at home, and one in four US millennials speak another language at home.

SDL believe the study shows that language is directly tied to purchasing behaviour, but is not always tied to geography, and calls on marketers to realise that we live in a multilingual world where customers expect to be communicated with in their preferred language.

Paige O’Neill, CMO at SDL, commented on the findings: “All too often, language is an afterthought in an organisations’ customer experience strategy.

“Marketers now need to address the demands of globalisation and ensure that their business speaks only one language – the language of its customers.  Localisation strategies must be adopted to address translation at a local level, but also the personal demographics of its target audience. In doing so, customers will be compelled to share content and foster brand advocacy in their language of choice, giving marketers a competitive advantage and the ability to deliver the customer experience that truly defines their brand’s voice, globally.”