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NEWS: Geotargeting ‘becoming mainstream’

iBeacons and geotargeting are ‘becoming mainstream’, according to a new mobile survey published alongside Adobe’s 2014 Mobile Benchmark Report.

Eighteen per cent of mobile marketers already use iBeacons and the number is expected to double in 2015. Almost half of marketers (49 per cent) use GPS positioning to reach mobile users with their brands while 33 per cent of mobile users take advantage of mobile assisted instore shopping.

Based on interviews with over 3,000 mobile users in more than 100 marketers from major US brands, Adobe's Mobile Benchmark Report showed Pinterest is the most mobile social network with 64 per cent of its referrals via mobile browsers.

However, Tumblr referrals drive the highest revenue per visit from mobile devices, 39 per cent more than Facebook. In addition, the report showed bounce rates for referrals from social networks are higher on mobile devices than desktops, 61 per cent versus 53 per cent on desktop.

The research also revealed market share for Chrome Mobile increased by 5.7 per cent to 34.6 per cent, while Safari Mobile fell by 2.6 per cent to 59.1 per cent.

Apple iPhone and iPad still drive the most mobile web visits with 54 per cent and 80 per cent market share respectively. Samsung placed second for both browsing on smartphones (24 per cent) and tablets (seven per cent).

John Mellor, vice president of strategy and business development at Adobe Marketing Cloud, said: “The mobile landscape is constantly evolving and mobile needs to be front and centre of any digital marketing strategy to keep up with technology innovations and consumer expectations.

“Major brands face tremendous competition in the battle for reaching mobile consumers. Twenty fifteen will be a game changing year for marketers who must deliver highly personalised content across screens.”