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NEWS: Getty Images unveils collection to support UN global goals

As part of the UN global goals campaign, Getty Images has released 17 iconic images in an attempt to raise awareness of poverty, inequality and climate change.

Headed by Project Everyone and created by British humanitarian and filmmaker Richard Curtis, the initiative is aiming to reach seven billion people in seven days.

The campaign commenced at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York from September 25-27 and will continue throughout this week.

The collection features powerful images such as a group of children beginning their first day at a makeshift school in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan by Paula Bronstein, and a conceptual image of New York City covered in greenery by Tim Robberts.

Other examples include an emotive image of a slain silverback gorilla in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Brent Stirton, and a young Indian girl receiving anti-polio vaccination drops, taken by Ramesh Lalwani.

Susan Smith Ellis, CMO at Getty Images, said: “Imagery is a critical part of the global goals campaign. Images transcend language and are universally understood, making them highly evocative. They are the lingua franca of our time.

"Reaching seven billion people in seven days is an audacious undertaking and it is the power of our images that helps to make this possible. Getty Images is proud to be using its library of creative and editorial imagery to help spread the word about the global goals.”

The full list of images can be found here.