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NEWS: Google releases Android Lollipop

Google has released its fifth version of its Android operating system, nicknamed ‘Lollipop’.

The new operating system aims to give developers more flexibility with all devices, enabling them to further customise their mobile devices.

For example, users can now adjust their settings so that only certain notifications will appear when they are in a meeting.

Following big conversations about mobile phone privacy, the brand has also added multi-user accounts and guest mode to allow users to keep their stuff private. Devices can be secured with a PIN, password, pattern or by paring it with another android mobile device, such as a smart watch.

Developers took a ‘Material Design’ approach to this update: Lollipop integrates and syncs across Android devices, allowing users to easily move from mobile to TV or tablet with the experience feeling the same. To ensure fluidity, Android has enhanced touch and voice controls.

Meanwhile, the operating system is learning from Apple’s mistakes by introducing a new battery saver feature that extends the life of mobile devices by up to 90 minutes. 

Images via Google