News: Great Place to Work UK names Salesforce 'Best Workplaces for Women in the UK'

Great Place to Work UK has revealed its 2020 list for best places to work for women in the UK. 

Cloud software provider Salesforce topped the list for its opportunities for women to grow in the workplace. Other B2B companies in the top 20 included SAP, Accenture, and Deloitte. Some factors that went into the list included: fairer opportunity, increased retention, and senior female leadership.

The organisations that were considered a Best Workplace for Women have programmes in place that look at addressing gender imbalance in the workplace and are actively growing female talent.

Great Place to Work UK audits both the employee experience and business practices of companies across many industries including hospitality, FMCG, financial services, tech, pharmaceutical, and retail. Their latest research focuses on key issues affecting female employees – such as the gender pay gap, career growth opportunities and parental leave (affecting both women and men) – in UK organisations.

Ben Gautrey, managing director of Great Place to Work UK, said:  “It’s clear that a diverse and inclusive team is essential for the success of any organisation – government or otherwise. Various female state leaders have recently served as successful inspiring examples of what it means to put people first and lead with empathy and compassion during the Covid-19 pandemic. In our own data from the last 20 years of running our Best Workplace™ awards, we’ve uncovered significant positive changes taking place within many UK organisations – but there’s still much work to be done. We hope that by highlighting our Women’s list recipients, other employers will also be encouraged to implement new policies, practices and pathways needed to enable a more inclusive, supportive and fair employee experience for all.”

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