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NEWS: Indeed launches multi-million pound brand awareness campaign has launched its first-ever global brand ‘How the world works’ campaign with the aim of increasing brand visibility among job seekers and employers. Previously, the job site relied on word of mouth and organic growth rather than traditional marketing.

The initial multi-million pound roll will focus on the UK market and the activity will reach the US later this year.

Produced with creative agency Mullen, the campaign highlights how diverse jobs combine to make something work - from a simple cup of coffee, to the complex workings of the London Underground or the global stock market.

The campaign centrepiece is a television commercial which promotes the idea that no matter what job you do each day, you are part of a team and contributing to a wider initiative. It aims to celebrate the workplace, in contrast to the more commonly used images of workers who dread their Monday morning alarm. 

The commercial shows a practical example of how employers can use The company posted 26 job openings on its website, within 48 hours, a staggering total of 1500 applications were received for the roles. The brand then conducted more than 200 interviews in 14 days resulting in a total cost per hire of £129.

The video will run alongside digital and social media ads, outdoor advertising and behind-the-scences clip of the recruitment process.

Paul D’Arcy, senior vice president, marketing at Indeed, said: “Indeed was founded on the simple purpose to help people find jobs.

"Even though we have grown to become the number one job site in the UK, there are still people who don’t know Indeed. With this campaign, we are celebrating the amazing things that get done when talented people come together to do a job. As they see how we used real job seekers to tell the Indeed story, we hope that more employers and job seekers will learn about Indeed, finding the right fit for their career or organization and ensuring that more people get hired.”