NEWS: 'Inspirational videos are the most shareable'

Inspirational videos are most likely to be shared online, according to new research analysising the top 100 most shared videos by StreamSafe.

Forty-eight per cent of the 1000 UK residents surveyed agreed they would share videos that inspired them, beating both happiness (chosen by 43 per cent) and excitement (41 per cent).

The study showed that excitement is the most important emotion for individuals over-65s, with 58 per cent stating they would share videos that make them feel excited. However, emotional motivation was far more varied for 16-24 year olds, with happiness, excitement, affection, and inspiration all proving to be equally strong reasons for sharing a video. Meanwhile, those aged 25-34 are most likely to share amusing videos (selected by 28 per cent).

The report also reveals that video sharing doesn’t decrease with age, with 45 per cent those aged 65 or above saying they would share video content.

Encouraging news for marketers is that almost a quarter (24 per cent) of the 100 most shared videos were adverts or promotional clips. Consequently, when creating video content marketers should focus on telling emotive stories that engage their target audience, encouraging them to share across their social networks.

John Harrington, director of StreamSafe, said: “Shareability sits at the centre of the online video marketing equation. Taking the viewer beyond passive consumption and encouraging them to interact with a brand’s content is a critical step in effective engagement. Provoking an emotional response is the key to this and how you do that differs between demographics, making it vital that marketers and content producers understand what drives sharing for their target audiences. Emotional tone and content have been revealed as more important to this than brand.”

Check out Vistaprint's new video campaign for a great example of emotive video marketing in B2B: