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NEWS: Lack of clear strategy revealed as biggest digital content challenge

Failure to create a solid strategy has been revealed as the main stumbling block when it comes to creating quality digital content, according to research from Sticky Content.

Thirty-seven per cent of respondents claimed having ‘no clear strategy’ was the biggest challenge they faced within their organisation.

Other concerns included getting content from people (31 per cent), conflicting goals between departments (30 per cent) and not having enough time (26 per cent).

Perhaps surprisingly, measuring the impact of content was further down the list of worries, with only around 24 per cent citing it as a major challenge.

The survey revealed the least troubling concerns were having no clear target audiences (8 per cent), no clear guidelines (7 per cent) and receiving too much content from people (3.7 per cent).

Commenting on these findings Scott Abel, owner of The Content Wrangler, said: “Too much of the content we create today is handcrafted for a specific purpose and output format, making it difficult and expensive to publish to multiple output channels or personalise.

"We need content intentionally designed for reuse and repurposing, optimised for efficiency, and created and managed using a scaleable, future-proof approach."