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NEWS: ‘Lack of time’ hindering marketing and sales alignment

Seventy-nine per cent of marketers want to foster closer relationships with the sales department but ‘lack time’, according to new research carried out by B2B Marketing.

Despite the majority of those surveyed being keen to cultivate a closer relationship with sales, marketers were equally quick highlight the reasons impeding this progression.

'Lack of time’ was selected as the number one challenge,  selected by 46 per cent of those surveyed. This was followed by ‘lack of shared KPIs and responsibilities’ (39 per cent), and ‘lack of understanding of the processes required' (34 per cent).

Alex Aspinall, head of content at B2B Marketing, explained: “It’s difficult to mitigate for those decrying the number of hours in the day, but marketers wrestling with cultural challenges such as process understanding and objective sharing do have an opportunity to take the initiative.”

The findings are drawn from a research project carried out by B2B Marketing in partnership with Ledger Bennett DGA and marketing automation provider Marketo, looking at the sophistication of demand generation activity in B2B.