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NEWS: LinkedIn revamps Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn has revamped its Sponsored InMail tool with the aim of making it easier for marketers to reach their target audience on the platform.

The social network believes this update will allow brands to ‘break through the limits of traditional email marketing and drive more leads’.

Sponsored InMail will only allow marketers to send messages to users when they are logged in and using the social network.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn has introduced mobile-optimisation templates with more persistent calls-to-action, as well as rich targeting capabilities including company size, industry, job function and seniority.

At present the tool is being piloted by 45 businesses, including Salesforce and Cisco.  

Russell Glass, head of products at LinkedIn, said in a blog post: ‘Email is a critical channel for marketers, but it’s not without its challenges. Outdated contact lists, the intricacies of managing creative assets, and optimising content for mobile are among the obstacles that drag down campaign performance.

"According to a SiriusDecisions survey, only about 20 per cent of prospects actually open marketers’ emails. Our goal is to offer a more effective solution.’

Image via LinkedIn