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NEWS: Lithium Technologies acquires Klout for $200 million

Lithium Technologies has acquired social media tool Klout for a reported $200 million.

Lithium aims to build up its social portfolio while allowing customers to build a trusted online connection with brands.

Currently Lithium’s platform brings together both trusted people and trusted content. However, with this acquisition it can now create an exchange of shared value and a more complete measure of reputation.

As a result brands can build a more complete profile of their customers’ needs; establish clear feedback on how customers value brands, products and services; engage prospects more effectively and leverage expert opinions. 

Whereas customers can discover which people and brands to trust and enjoy a personalised experience from brands they value by receiving loyalty rewards.

Rob Tarkoff, Lithium president and CEO, said: “With Klout, Lithium fully delivers on its vision of building a trusted online connection between consumers and the brands they care about. Trust is the currency online. For consumers, a trusted expert provides greater confidence in making purchases and getting advice. For brands, building a trusted reputation allows them to better find and keep customers.”